Romeo takes Melbourne (or Melbourne’s Laneways)

Aside from Sydney (because of the home ground advantage), Melbourne is my favourite city in this world.

On a recent trip down south, I got a chance to spend more time walking through the city and discovering a few of its famous laneways.

While these may be stock-standard in cities like Melbourne and european cities, we have little to no sense of art forms in Sydney’s lane ways. In fact, Sydney’s graffiti scene is only just starting to pick up, with minions popping up on the side of reservoirs.

There’s just something so beautiful in the art of it all. I’m sure whoever began bringing life to those laneways wasn’t doing it to pass time or just deface a building wall. If you look at each of the images, you’ll notice that they’re relatively intricate and time has gone into every one of those markings.

And its just so nice to look at a concrete jungle with some personality.

Here are some of the photos I snapped in Melbourne of the laneways on my most recent trip in late June.


Panorama Shot of Hosier Lane, Melbourne


Sully from Monster’s Inc! In Hosier Lane, Melbourne


Hosier Lane, Melbourne


Hosier Lane, Melbourne

All of these were taken in Hosier Street right in the Central Business District. All you had to do was walk down a main road and poke your head into one of the numerous laneways to see something beautiful. I particularly like how you can see the paint dripping down the walls on some of them – there’s beauty in the imperfections.

Do you have anything that makes your concrete jungle special?


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