Romeo doesn’t like Winter

I am convinced there are two types of people in this world:-

  1. those who like winter;
  2. those who don’t.

Can you guess which one I am? Before you bag me for being an absolute whinge, hear me out! By nature, I am a summer person. I actually relish boiling hot days, and would much prefer to be so incredibly hot, than I would be to freeze. I live for the sunshine and long days and short nights and warm summer breezes. I love to lay in the sun and soak up its embracing rays, and watch the sun go down at 7 or 8 pm while I sit outside comfortably. One could almost call me a reptile. A few people have said I am cold-blooded… Hell, I will even put up with the mosquitos for all of that. See, where I come from, people are polar opposites – they either hate the heat or love the heat, hate the cold or love the cold. I mean, I can understand the appeal of winter for some people:

  1. Its cuddle season;
  2. Cute jumpers start appearing in every shop window;
  3. Its suddenly acceptable to cancel perfectly reasonable plans with the excuse “It’s too cold,” because it is, and who wants to be outside when you can be in bed with Netflix?
  4. Unlimited pumpkin soup;
  5. Red wine;
  6. Wood fire heaters.

But how on earth does that appeal to someone who would give all of that up in a heartbeat if it could be over 24-degrees-celcius all year around? (except maybe for the Netflix, red wine and wood fire heaters). It just sucks being cold. It sucks having to wake up and dress for the day and commute to work in a thousand layers while the rest of the commuters are sniffling or coughing away and you’re breathing into your scarf so that you don’t catch anything. It sucks that sunrise is as you wake, and sunset is before you even leave the office to go home. It sucks that night time is longer than the day, and its almost pointless to be out any later than 11 because you would have left the house at 7 assuming it was way later. Being cold is not pleasant.

The closer that gets to zero, the happier I will be!


4 thoughts on “Romeo doesn’t like Winter

    • HAHAHAHA the countdown is on. There’s about three weeks of HORRIDLY cold weather left here and then we get back to bearable temperatures! I wish I lived in the northern hemisphere where everything is literally a bus/train ride away!

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    • hahahaha coming from Sydney I shouldn’t be complaining as much as I do but I can’t help but long for a really warm day, considering we’ve had an “Antarctic Vortex” sweep through and just turn everything freezing! Let’s swap!


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