Romeo Goes Back to School

I haven’t been of university for a long time. It’s really only been about eight weeks, but it feels like a lifetime ago.
I go back tomorrow, and honestly, I’m a little afraid.

Beginning this semester is the beginning of the end. As at the commencement of this semester, I have five units to go, three of which I will be taking over the next thirteen weeks. And then there are two.

But it doesn’t end there.

I’m three years into my three year degree, give or take a few failed units, a lighter load in some sessions and a summer school round. Which makes it kinda pointless to leave it where it is for want of a different degree.

About a year ago, I began my business law major and fell in love with it all. I’ve been working in the legal environment for close to four years now, and it was so good to finally understand what I’d  been party to for all these years.

But the main issue was that I had almost finished my accounting major, and it would have been a waste to throw away three years (and almost $25,000 in uni fees, a debt that is now rotting beside my name, thank you HECS) just to change degrees. So I stuck it out, and here I am.

Five units away from being a graduate with a Bachelor of Business, Maj Accounting/Business Law, and two or so years away from being a Bachelor of Laws student.

I wouldn’t go back and alter the degree that I picked at the start, though. Sticking it out and working through it all really taught me that I did not want to practice as an accountant; it was just not me. But I would never had known that if I’d jumped straight into a law degree. I don’t think I was ready to do so.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I have learnt so much in my last three years at university, and I have no doubt I’m about to learn so much more in the next two and a half.

It may be taking me longer to reach my dream career, but knowing I’ll still get there is keeping me going, day by day.

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