Romeo Recommends: S’Mores Dip

The more I post on here, the more I realise I only ever seem to blog about food, because I only ever seem to think about food, and that in itself is enough to make me happy.

I had a girls night with my other-sixth’s tonight (I say that because its impossible to have 5 other halves, and these girls are my world. Literally. We have no choice but to be friends) and desert was the infamous s’mores dip.


Far be it from me to keep such decadence from you, here’s how you can whip it up at home!

Your Shopping List

  • Chocolate Chips/Melts/Cooking Chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Arnotts Milk Arrowroot Biscuits (for my Aussies. Americans, go Graham Crackers. Britons, you’ll find something)

Your Kitchen List

  • Scissors (to cut open all the packaging…obviously)
  • An oven-safe vessel of your choice (a few recipes call for a skillet, some call for any heatproof dish. We used a plain old casserole dish. Just pick something that will distribute the heat evenly and can be put into the oven).
  • A tea-towel/oven-mitts/something to avoid you burning your fingers when you pull this slice of heaven out of the oven.

How to Wow Everyone

  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees Celsius (450 Fahrenheit for you lot still on the imperial system)
  2. Cut open your chocolate of choice and pour them into your dish. Make sure they cover the base otherwise you will have gaps with no chocolate, and nobody likes that.
  3. Lay your marshmallows over the top, nice and close together and evenly across so that the chocolate is hidden and the marshmallows fill the entire dish. Obviously, the bigger the marshmallow, the less time consuming this step is, but does anyone really care about that?
  4. Pop your dish into the heated oven for about 8-10 minutes, or until the marshmallows have browned over the top.
  5. When they are golden/brown in colour, remove them from the oven and serve with the biscuit of your choice.

It’s really important┬áto have a good dish to warm this in that will distribute the heat evenly along the sides and bottom. If it doesn’t, you could get stuck with lumpy and unmelted chocolate chips – and really, who wants that when you have all this goodness?

You could also potentially begin by melting the chocolate either in the microwave or in a bowl over pot of steaming water (be sure not to get any water into your melted chocolate or you will ruin it!!!!) and then add the marshmallows.

I highly recommend, though, if you are going down this road, to forgo the oven and just use a grill to keep the chocolate from setting quickly, over cooking and burning the chocolate. This will ensure that your marshmallows have that lovely golden tinge and that your chocolate is still nice and smooth.

The dish is best served hot, so its best to prepare for consumption, and goes exceptionally well with strawberries.

Give it a try. You will be thanking me when you do.


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