First Generation Journals: 1

Shower time epiphanies are my favourite kind of epiphanies because they make the most sense. I feel like you are at your clearest when you’re in the shower – physically and mentally.

We are always told to write what we know.

What I know most is growing up as a first-generation Australian. There is actually nothing like this feeling, especially being the oldest.

Sure, I’m one of the lucky ones who has at least one parent that grew up here, but even that makes things difficult.

To explain, I am first generation Lebanese-Australian. Both my parents were born overseas and moved here at some stage in their lifetime. Both speak fluent Arabic, almost always to each other, mostly to me and rarely to my sisters. Neither have thick accents that you cannot understand. Both are somewhat attuned to the ways of the old country (which, in all honesty, is probably more modernised than our culture).

I feel like the only way to truly capture how growing up in this situation feels, is by writing a suite of posts about it. A lot of you may find it relatable. Some of you might not.

They could just be doing parent-y things, but in a really woggy way.

Keep your eye out every Tuesday Night for First Generation Journals!

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