First Generation Journals: “Dinner”

One of the biggest problems I have is the difference in language. Both my parents speak fluent English, but my father grew up overseas, so he and I have different meanings for different words. Continue reading



It’s been way too long, I sigh, as I look at my phone screen and keyboard and journal. Way, way too long since I penned any words worth reading. The majority of my thoughts have been a neurotic record that keeps skipping and catching. There is no reprieve. There is no solace or comfort. There is no escape. Continue reading

Romeo Eats: The Winery

Surry Hills is infamous for its quirky and wonderful restaurants, bars and cafes. Guaranteed on a Saturday night, each of those bars, cafes and restaurants is packed to the brim, parking is an almost impossible feat and people are spilling out of the doorways waiting for a table. Continue reading